A.K.A Chadwin Robinson

 Born June 27/1986.

Im from a little town in St Ann (Jamaica) called Steer Town.

while I was in school I always have love for music.
I love Bob Marley songs and wanted to be an artist like him.
I use to sing his songs while my friends make music with the chairs.
Teacher would come running after us soon.

After i left high school, I start persuewing my musical career.
My real exposure come in 2010 when I record the hit song Turn up the Fire.
The song got big pull ups in the dancehall and was played on radio.
The song was produce by Blackmoney Records.
Soon after that I did another hit song titled Mr Prime Minister.

I have a mixtape out now, titled Europe Tour.
I am currently on my album set to releas this year.